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Services for hotels

RSRV.me system is a software developer for Hotels, owner of the largest directory of hotels with more than 640,000 hotels worldwide. If you represent a hotel or any other object of tourist accommodation such as a villa, guest house, hostel and so on, you can create a page of your object in the system RSRV.me. What this gives you read below.

Personal page of the hotel include: photos, videos and description of the hotel, the location on the map and the prices for accommodation, weather, coming attractions and other useful information for users.

The hotel page demonstrates:
- The Catalogue of hotels
- From resorts and country
- On the Internet when searching for key words in the search engines, the most famous of which is Google, Yandex, Rambler, Yahoo, and others.

What do you need to Page at work for you 100%
- Contents page (upload a photo, make a description of the services and set the hotel on the map)
- Connect to the reservation system (load number of rooms, room rates and enter into a contract)
- Receive applications and take guests

Terms of cooperation
We give you the software to create and maintain pages on your hotel online absolutely FREE!
We provide you with an online booking module, which works on the page of the hotel and that you can paste into your site.
Page hotel is a self-advertising platform, with which you get tourists from the Internet.
Page hotel is built in the "USA", which is advertised on the partner sites and thus brings you additional tourists.
You profit from orders placed via the online booking module!
We receive a commission only sales of our sites and only real tourist arrivals to your hotel.

Your benefits
1. You get a full-featured multi-language page on your hotel online.
2. Once filling in your page, you get a long-playing online advertising - for free!
3. The presence of such a page on the Internet significantly adds to your customers and increase the popularity and fame of the hotel.
4. The presence of pages of your hotel on a portal TURY.ru, thanks to its popularity among tourists and professionals, top positions in RuNet and high attendance, gives you an additional source of customers - a huge resource of a tourist target audience - for FREE!
5. Good indexing pages at by search engines such as Yandex and Google and others, brings you millions of Internet users - FREE!
6. Connection to the reservation system TOURS gives you additional convenient sales channel and an additional profit!
7. favorable terms! The Commission only real clients - we get% with bookings only when real travelers get to your hotel, and only with our advertising platforms. 


    Hotel booking system RSRV.me

    www.RSRV.me [email protected]