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Service for Tour Operators

Reservation System RSRV.me offers tour operators prepare database of hotels. In the arsenal of RSRV.me more than 680 000 hotels worldwide.
Hotels are equipped with high quality pictures and detailed description. In some hotels there is a video.

 - The tour operator may not use the entire database of hotels and choose the only hotel in their areas.
 - The tour operator can use the individual pages of hotels.
 - The tour operator can use the "hotel catalog" with a built-in search engine.
 - The tour operator can use the hotels for their demonstration of its price.
 - Tour operator can load prices for tours to our booking system, in this case, the price will appear on the page of the hotel not only he, but also all of our partners that will significantly increase the sales of tour operators.

Hotel Booking System RSRV.me
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