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Service for Travel Agencies

Reservation System RSRV.me offers for Travel Agencies an affiliate program - ready "Hotel catalog" with built-in booking system. In the arsenal of RSRV.me more than 680 000 hotels worldwide. Hotels are equipped with large photographs, colorful videos, detailed descriptions, ratings and reviews.

See how it works catalog and evaluate all of its functionality can be here, "Hotel catalog"

That from itself represents "Hotel catalog"

- "Hotel catalog" contains a wide range of hotels of all types and categories in the amount of 680 000 hotels on 280 destinations around the world.

- Search in "Check rates" allows you to select multiple countries / areas and compare their prices with each other.

- Search hotels equipped with filters on all key services (entertainment and sports, beach and the sea, the mountains and hills, hotel services, services for children, treatment, category and type of hotel, in the room), which allows you to quickly find the desired option.

- Search results are provided with the ability to sort on all important categories, which allows you to quickly choose the most profitable option.

- In the "Search results" in addition to the price of rooms at the hotel, there are prices for tours, so you can quickly compare and choose the most interesting option.

- Room reservations made directly to the hotel, bypassing all intermediaries to provide the most advantageous price from first hand.

- All references to the directory of hotels will open in a separate window

- Hotels page provided with colorful pictures and detailed description.

- Hotels, in addition to the main star on a 5-point scale, have a double rating ratings of tourists on a 10-point scale that allows you to make more quality choices.

- On the page published reviews of the hotel, visit it, their photos and videos, which makes it possible to look at the hotel through the eyes of witnesses and to understand how it fits future guests.

View how the Hotel page looks and appreciate its functionality click here "Hotel page"

Opportunities opening to Travel company

- Travel agency can totally free to import our "Hotel catalog" on your website (domain level 2).

- Travel agency can set up "Hotel catalog" is completely under your site design

- Travel agency can accommodate only those countries for which the works

- Travel agency can connect "Hotel catalog" country-specific

- Travel agency can separately mount the directory on a particular resort hotels

- Support and maintenance free

- Information update automatically and immediately

- Travel Site visitors can post their own reviews of hotels, which, entering into a single database yet become visible after moderation on all partner sites

- Visitors to the site Travel Book a Hotel and Travel Agency receives income in the form of the amount of armor %

- Travel agency booking of hotels on its website for the tourists and receives a commission as a % of the reservation.

This offer is suitable for Travel Agency

- Which has its tourist site on a paid 2-level domain
- Is able to self-install code on your site

The benefits and income Travel agencies

- Travel agency receives % of all bookings carried out to its website.

- Book can both tourists and the Agency itself.

Install on your site "Hotel catalog" Travel agency gets a free extensive content needed for tourism activities, which not only fills the site with valuable information, but also allows the agency, doing nothing to earn 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Installation Steps "Hotel catalog" on the Travel agencies's website

Step 1. Registration of site. Enter your E-mail and URL of your site and click "Get code".

Step 2. The constructor codes. After registration you will get to the constructor code. By changing the parameters of the constructor to your needs, you get the HTML code includes a script that includes the identification key of your site and link to the homepage of our website, where the information is exported.

Step 3. Set code. The resulting HTML code you need to install the selected page of your site.

Register your site and get CODES


    Hotel booking system RSRV.me

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