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Services for Tourists

RSRV.me reservation system offers travelers a service for booking hotels. The Catalogue of RSRV.me more than 680 000 hotels worldwide. Hotels catalog is equipped with modern means of searching and booking hotels, features and application status tracking service to communicate with a representative of the hotel.

- Hotels are equipped with high quality pictures and detailed description.

- Search hotels allows you to select multiple countries / areas and compare their prices with each other

- Search hotels equipped with filters on all key services (entertainment and sports, beach and the sea, the mountains and hills, hotel services, services for children, treatment, category and type of hotel, in the room), which allows you to quickly find the desired option.

- Search results are provided with the ability to sort on all important categories, which allows you to quickly choose the most profitable option.

- In the "Search results" in addition to the price of rooms at the hotel, you will find the prices for tours, so you can quickly compare and choose the most interesting option for you.

- Booking rooms carries a tourist to the hotel directly, bypassing all intermediaries to provide the most advantageous price from first hand.


Hotel Booking System RSRV.me

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