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About Reservation System RSRV.me

Reservation System RSRV.me is a software developer for Hotels, owner of the largest Hotels Catalogue with integrated search, containing over 680 000 hotels in 280 countries around the world.
System RSRV.me provides services for Tourism professionals, Site Owners and Tourists.

Service for Hotels. If you represent a hotel or any other object of tourist accommodation such as a villa, resort, Chalet, Guest House, Hostel, Apartimenty, etc., you can create a page of your object in the system RSRV.me. After registration page and places the price you connect to the online booking system and begin to receive orders and to receive visitors. Read more about all this, see this Service for Hotels.

Service for Tour Operators. If you are a tour operator, you can use ready-made database of hotels in their areas, taking Hotels by country or resorts to fill their own tours and receive orders from them. Learn more about how this works, see this Service for Tour Operators.

Service for Travel Agencies. If you are a travel agency. you can install affiliate program - ready "Hotels Catalogue" with built-in booking system. "Hotels Catalogue" adapts to your site and installed free of charge. You can choose the country and the resorts at which you specialize. The site will work for you without holidays and weekends, and bring you income even when you rest. For more information, click here Service for Travel Agencies.

Service for the Site Owners. If you own a site, you can set up an affiliate program - ready "Hotels Catalogue" with built-in booking system. Additional service to your audience - it's extra income without any extra investments. More information about this service, see here Service for the Site Owners.

Services for Tourists. If you are a tourist, you can use a modern service for booking hotels. A wide range of "Guide to the resorts' and full featured"Hotels Catalogue" with a choice of services and booking directly to the hotel. More information about this service, see here Services for Tourists.

System services RSRV.me for all participants of the tourism market to create a vicious cycle, which takes into account the interests of each participant, and thus all remain in the win.


    Hotel booking system RSRV.me

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