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View and add a new hotel

If you represent a hotel or any other object of tourist accommodation such as a villa, guest house, hostel, motels and hostels, camp sites, etc. and would like to expand its presence and influence on the Internet, then this take a few simple steps:
Step 1. Check your object in the reservation system RSRV.me. You can do it here "Hotel catalog"
- Select your country in the "Destinations" and press "Show";
- The list of hotels will appear in the upper-right corner, do a keyword search of your hotel name (enter them in the "Search by hotel list");
- If the hotel is found, click on its name and see how good it is decorated; to manage their property, go to step 2;
- If the hotel was not found and you want to add it, you can do it in step 3, after will be registered in step 2.

Step 2. Register on the RSRV.me to add your hotel and / or begin to manage their property.
Step 3. Add your hotel in booking system RSRV.me:
- Add your hotel, fill in the name of the hotel and enter all the required data (address, country, resort, phone numbers, e-mail and the like). You can do it here, "Adding a new hotel";
- Contact the hotel with your account - send e-mail [email protected] or by internal mail a link to the hotel and your E-mail, with which you were registered.

Step 4. Management page of your hotel
- RSRV.me sign in with your password;
- Find the top menu tab "My hotels" and click on the Hotel name to view or link Edit. editing and management of hotel sales.
- In the "Editing the hotel and sales management" you can make the description of the hotel, upload photos and videos, put the hotel on the interactive map, enter the room types, fill rates (fixed rates and special offers), connected to the hotel booking system. Then you can get armor, communicate with the tourists, to establish sales channels to follow the reviews on your hotel, view statistics, communicate with clients, and more. For more information, look here, "Hotel Management".


    Hotel booking system RSRV.me

    www.RSRV.me [email protected]