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Hotel management

If you represent a hotel or any other object of tourist accommodation such as a villa, guest house, hostel, motels and hostels, camp sites, etc. and want to maximize their presence on the Internet, you can use the service reservation system RSRV.me. This allows you to get a FREE multifunction page of your hotel with a built-in On-line booking, connect new marketing channels to promote your hotel and easy to manage sales.

Opportunities opening for the hotel
In the panel "hotel management" you can make the description of the hotel, upload photos and videos, put the hotel on the interactive map, enter the room types, fill rates (fixed rates and special offers), connected to the hotel booking system. Then you can get armor, communicate with the tourists, to establish sales channels to follow the reviews on your hotel, view statistics, communicate with clients, and more.

Where to begin
Sign up, locate or add your hotel (see Look here and the addition of a new hotel), Associate it with your account, sign in with your password RSRV.me and get in the top menu tab "My hotels" and click Edit.

How does the service "Hotel Management"
All service menu "Hotel Management" is concentrated in the top panel. Filled menu items are marked with a green checkmark. In the center of the control panel is an online booking module, which starts as soon as the complete section "Prices" and "connection."

We recommend that you move through the menu and execute them in sequence one after the other. Inside the menu, if they are complex, have their own more detailed instructions and presentations that describe how to best take advantage of it.

Business Card - filled with the name and contacts of the hotel, as well as positions and contact their representatives.

Description - is a description of all services of the hotel, location, rooms, etc.

Photos - Upload photos and the surrounding area of ​​the hotel, interior, services for adults and children, restaurants, bars and cafes, photos of all types of rooms and so on.

Video - loaded videos about the hotel and its services.

Rooms - enter all types of rooms and services available for booking

Prices - Input prices for accommodation and services for various periods and possible additional charges and special offers.

Connection - filled reservation conditions for tourists, languages ​​spoken, time of arrival and departure of guests to sign a contract for placement of the Offer Price and the connection to the online booking system.

Booking - here come all the orders made through an online booking module, available "Calendar Downloads" and "List of reservations" with the ability to work with orders and closing rooms.

Sales channels - lists places at promoting the Internet, advertising opportunities and sales channels.

Reviews - compiled hotel reviews, which shows the view of guests who have visited the hotel.

Statistics - shows a visit to the hotel's page, the number of bookings, the depth of sales, and more.

On the map - set the position of the hotel on an interactive map.

Module On-line booking - allows you to search for rooms available for the chosen dates and make an online booking, all orders come quickly to the section of your booking.

Filling the information about the hotel and connect it to the online booking system quite simple and takes no more than one day. Immediately after this page come to life at the beginning of your work for you, promoting your accommodation facility all day long without holidays and weekends. After that, everything depends on you - keep abreast of, watch the competition, changes in prices for the sale and production of special offers, follow the reviews and statistics, using all possible means of promotion.

More about all this you can see here "Presentation of booking RSRV.me"


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